Lee cómo Dianética está causando cambios positivos en la vida de las personas.
One day I found a copy of Dianetics and read it. I decided to do the Hubbard Dianetics Seminar. I have a family of four beautiful daughters, and I run a pressure-wash cleaning company. Faith has always been a part of my life; however, I was also looking for tools to better my condition. In my first Dianetics session, I returned to a time 29 years ago. I was in my teens and my best friend was becoming more than a friend. I had the green light to start a relationship, but I didn’t. My friend moved to another town. A year later, for whatever reason, she took her life. The pain was unbearable, I blamed myself—if only I’d been there. At the time, I turned to drugs because of the pain. The regret stayed with me all my life. In this first session, I dealt with it. At first I cried like a baby, then at last I could let it go. I’d been holding on to this for 29 years. With each Dianetics session, I came to realize how many things had been holding me back. Now I can live life like I want to and I’m winning. I became more me.
All of the negativity is gone. In a few Dianetics sessions, I became calmer and happier. Negative things in life used to have strong effects on me. I wasn’t myself and I knew there was something wrong. Now with Dianetics, I am more awake and more aware. I notice things faster, and I actually see the beauty of life. I feel confident and things are going better. Things are falling into place, exactly how I need them. And I am well on my way to Clear. —Adrian H
My first experience with Dianetics allowed me to erase years of sorrow over my father’s death. I was 17 when he died and I always felt I had failed to live up to what was expected of me as the “man in the family.” By addressing this traumatic incident and erasing all the negative feelings, I am a new man, ready to live life to the fullest. —DS
I found what I was looking for. Before doing the Dianetics Seminar I was quite sad. However, I knew this was not really me. I needed to find something practical to help me solve my problems and change my life for the better. I also had anxiety for no particular reason. After receiving Dianetics, all of this disappeared. Today I feel like I can live life in a much freer way. The seminar helped me see I can be truly happy. My life has improved and I am going all the way up to Clear! —Maria A
Que es Dianetica?
Las experiencias dolorosas de nuestro pasado, tienen claramente un efecto en nuestro comportamiento actual. Pero ¿en qué medida, y por qué?

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